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Run your own Digital Asset Infrastructure.

For institutions looking to manage 100% of the digital asset custody stack internally.  No vendor side dependencies. Source available code.
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Trusted by leading organizations
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"With Cordial we have been able to enforce precisely defined policies from our digital asset control framework.

Our ability to also independently manage the software for our large number of internal users and external chains has allowed us to safely keep up with fast moving business requirements and the industry."

Alex Davies, CTO of Jump Trading Group
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"As a regulated institution, it is vital that Backpack has demonstrable controls to safeguard our customer assets and can evidence our proof of reserves.

The Cordial Treasury product is an important part of that tooling which we rely on daily."

Armani Ferrante, CEO of Backpack


Automate your controls to support 1000s of transactions per day across 35 blockchains 24/7. We have your capital rebalancing, trading operations, and front office needs covered. Explore our case study with Jump Trading via the "Learn More" button.

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Secure your client assets in a segregated address structure and cryptographically evidence your "proof-of-reserves". On-demand withdrawals and simple event notifications on customer account activity help with your internal reconciliation.

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Whether long-only or pursuing liquid alternative strategies, Investment Managers can access a broad universe of assets across over 35 blockchains while also satisfying the audit committee's risk and governance controls around trading operations and settlement.

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Avoid sub-custody models by running Cordial Treasury within your security perimeter and with minimal third party dependency. Giving you full control of mission critical IT infrastructure and lets you overlay your target operating model.

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Own The Full Custody Stack

Cordial Treasury is the first fully self custody solution...  other providers simply give a share of the private key to the customer and they call it self-custody.

This may limit the vendor's ability to sign transactions. However, you are fully dependent on them to host the business logic in how keys are used, to maintain service availability, and ensure process integrity. This is closer to outsourcing then it is self-custody. Only Cordial Treasury empowers customers to run all aspects of the custody process locally and reduce vendor involvement to routine code maintenance if so desired.

It is important that institutions understand the Responsibility and Ownership model when evaluating problem-solution fit during vendor procurement.  

Not Your Typical MPC Wallet

Cordial Treasury is your own fully on-premise custody solution. Designed to be easily deployed and managed by independent teams inside a company, or co-hosted with an operating partner. Interact with over 30 different public blockchains, keep up with the market, and use a control framework that scales for a high volume business.

Control & Ownership

Your Cordial Treasury key shares are split across a coalition of client side servers. Cordial, as vendor, doesn't host any key shares unless explicitly requested by a customer.

Policy & Governance

Byzantine fault-tolerant policy checking. A coalition of client side servers independently host and check policies. They then agree on whether the transaction is allowed or not.

Flexible Deployment

Customers can run multiple distributed servers with higher redundancy and business continuity planning. Co-hosting options are also available at setup.

Identity Access

All requests must pass  matching IAM rules, identity authentication, and user permissions as part of pre-processing. These are defined by the institution and customizable.

Disaster Recovery

Back up your work environment, books and records, and all MPC key shares in encrypted form. You can independently invoke self recovery and meet Recovery Time Objective (RTO) within hours rather than the industry standard of 2 days.

Zero Trust

Cordial Treasury follows Zero Trust so your digital asset operations are meeting the strictest security requirements.

Cordial Treasury is also the only source code available product for institutions.

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Company Insights

VASPs... meet DORA. Operational resilience.
Jun 19, 2024

Guidance on how to think about Digtial Operational Resilience Act (DORA) as a digital asset business.

Figure Markets choose Cordial Treasury
Jun 18, 2024

Figure Markets has deployed Cordial Treasury to secure assets traded on their "Exchange for Everything".

Customer Case Study: Jump Trading Group
Apr 18, 2024

Learn how Jump Crypto uses Cordial Treasury to move over 200 different digital assets across 35 blockchains 24/7.

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