Customer Case Study: Jump Trading Group

April 18, 2024

How Jump Crypto uses Cordial Treasury to run all of their digital asset trading operations

Jump Crypto, the crypto arm of proprietary trading firm Jump Trading Group, is an experienced team of builders, developers, and traders who continue to operate as a dynamic and forward-thinking cryptocurrency trading team. Learn how they use Cordial Treasury to automate nearly all of their digital asset movements across more than 200 different assets on 35 blockchains 24/7.


Jump Crypto faced a critical challenge in managing the security of their digital assets. Like many other Web3 pioneers, the operations team for Jump Crypto relied heavily on a SaaS-based MPC wallet solution that involved a third-party entity for private key control and custody processes. Additionally, this lacked support for chains other than Bitcoin and Ethereum architectures, which necessitated the use of separate software for those more exotic assets. It became clear to the team that a robust, self-hosted solution was required to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the trading landscape while also fulfilling their security requirements for critical IT infrastructure.


Unsuccessful in finding a third-party entity that delivered true self-hosted private key management, world class digital asset security, flexible IAM control and policy generation, and rapid inclusion of the newest blockchains, Jump Crypto opted to help a team build it. The team behind the end-to-end design and implementation of this new system is now known as Cordial Systems, and the product is now known as Cordial Treasury which launched in March 2024. It is a truly self-hosted solution for management of digital assets, Cordial Treasury is used by Jump Crypto to secure and move billions of dollars in digital assets on a routine basis without any vendor side involvement.

Key Features and Benefits

When we sat down with Jump and asked them what the key features and benefits were to them as a trading team and as a company, here is what they had to say:

1. Seamlessly interfaces with a layered security architecture

A) Internally hosted software that allows the organization to operate within existing corporate firewalls.

B) Planned security audits and regular updates to ensure platform resilience against emerging threats.


2. Flexible MPC key management

A) True self-hosted software application.

B) Expansive MPC key set and the ability to host third party RPC nodes as desired.

C) We can run Cordial Treasury across multiple machines to enable physical separation of key shares.

D) A highly fault tolerant system with a unique threshold signing model which is resilient against failure of any single machine.

3. Customizable rule and policy generation

A) Customizable roles and responsibilities tailored to each department and organizational needs.

B) Accounts and policies can be generated based on specific risk management parameters.

4. Compatibility evolves as the industry evolves

A) The ability to add support for new blockchains, which is critical for a forward leaning trading team, and happens in as little time as 1 week for high priority blockchains.

B) Ability to interact with Defi protocols, including staking, trading, and claiming rewards. (In beta access)

5. Highly functional user friendly interface

A) Cordial Treasury features an intuitive and easy to use Web UI that allows us to manage our environment seemlessly.

B) A permissioned multi-sig REST API which in-house developers can integrate with existing tools and back office systems.


Confidence in security posture. Cordial Treasury requires customers to explicitly allow any transaction they may ever want to make, since everything follows a default-deny philosophy. Jump can now easily write customizable allowlists, access rules, and transfer rules with precise granularity over who can move assets around and to where - rather than relying on vendor provided templates.

"It is crucial that Jump can move assets on all chains 24/7 and be confident in where those assets are being sent. Cordial Treasury has delivered in that regards and also provided tremendous uptime."

On a daily basis, Jump conducts hundreds of individual token movements via Cordial Treasury - most of which are fully automated - and the trading team has control in managing over 200 different assets from a single platform.

Jump Crypto remains a leading trader in the cryptocurrency market, in part due to the speed and flexibility that Cordial Treasury offers. Since being deployed at Jump, the Cordial team has been quick to add support for multiple new chains like Sui, Aptos, Celestia, and more. In some cases adding support in less than a week.


Cordial Treasury provides a self-hosted solution so institutions can independently manage the security, data, and workflows of their digital asset operations without relying on a third party. Jump Crypto has demanded peak operational support from Cordial, and we delivered. How does Jump Crypto feel about Cordial treasury today?

"10/10, the team at Cordial has developed incredible software which we have deployed and trust to secure all of our digital asset trading flow"

About Us

Cordial Systems is the company behind Cordial Treasury - the only digital asset custody solution that is source available, has a Zero Trust architecture, and with all custody processes being hosted on the client side. Cordial Treasury enables trading shops, exchanges, funds, and other financial institutions to securely move billions of dollars in digital assets over 35 different public blockchains, with a control framework that they own, and which scales for high volume business. Reach out to to learn more.

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